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Jasper guitars are built with unique, groundbreaking technology that increases sustain, enhances desired harmonic overtones, and inhibits unwanted feedback. Our guitars are manufactured in Green Bay, Wisconsin using hardware and parts nearly 100% locally sourced or made in the USA. Quite truly, there is no other guitar available today like a Jasper.

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About Us

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Blogs & Media

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Model: Olam Custom (a.k.a. Or HaOlam)
Color: ’58 LP Cherry Burst

From the moment this special instrument got into my hands, it became my number one guitar. It’s really a Deja VuDoo packed into an Olam style body cut from highly figured korina (black limba). The range of tones on it is simply incredible. Dreams do come true!

I invite you to see and hear this guitar in this video.

Karen Eilis

Project X

Model: Elmore
Color: Tobacco/Lemon Burst

This has been an absolute joy to play. The feel of the neck is fantastic. The sound has been great and it’s got a really versatile range of sounds depending on where you set the internal mic: you want a resonator? You got it. You want a regular acoustic sound? You got it. It’s been a great purchase and Jasper is now a favourite of mine. This really is game changing. I am currently looking into more of the Jasper range because this is quality that I want in my guitar playing life. Well done, Jasper!

In addition, here is a brief recording which was done with my new Jasper Elmore. All acoustic guitars are the Elmore which takes the lead for the first half, and the rhythm guitars for the entire piece.

Dan Santospirito


Model: Deja VuDoo
Color: Natural Yellow

I love my new Deja Vudoo with so much uniquely rich tones all over the neck, and easy play and spin the notes! Hear me play it for the first time here: https://youtu.be/q9zu3h6-7M4


solo, producer

Model: Deja
Color: TV Yellow

My personal, custom Jasper honors the history of vintage guitars while taking full advantage of the patented Jasper technology. The result? Brilliant, complex tones with unlimited sustain.

Tom Harter


Model: Deja VuDoo
Color: Natural Yellow

I love my Deja VuDoo! I have a number of “high end” guitars and I must say the build quality and finish of my Deja VuDoo is among the best. It’s also the only one I have with the unique carbon fiber back and vented chamber which give it a truly distinctive sound. I’m pretty sure anyone who plays would love to have one of these.

Chris Hodson


Model: Deja VuDoo
Color: Black Dog Hair

It was love at first sight. This guitar is responsive like no other guitar that I have played.

You will be hearing so much about these guitars for years to come.

Paul Hanna

Annex, solo

Model: Deja VuDoo
Color: Natural Yellow

The sustain and clarity of tone on the Deja VuDoo is incredible. I’ve never had a guitar that produced such a wide range of interesting, usable tones. It looks incredibly cool and plays like a dream!


Model: Mana-ST (custom build)
Color: Fiesta Red

The Mana-ST is a really expressive guitar and I’m excited to work with Tony Louscher and the team at Jasper Guitars. I needed some extra inspiration while working through a wrist injury and the Mana-ST was right on time. The way the guitar sounds acoustically and responds dynamically is impressive; the way the tone and dynamics shine through when electrified totally blows me away.

Dennis Shepherd

Steely Dane; Up From The Skies: The Music of Jimi Hendrix; solo

Model: Quartermaster-ST
Color: Gold Burst

This is without question the most amazing guitar I have ever touched.

I fell in love with it instantly. This is just an awesome and amazing guitar! It’s got some super cool patented technology: its carbon fiber, its vents, it’s gold… oh my God! There’s not a bad sound in this thing!

(Check out Jay’s video about this Jasper guitar here.)

Jay Stulo

Jay Stulo Band

Model: Mana-TRM
Color: Custom Gold

My Jasper straddles the line between a semi-hollow and solid body guitar. In this way it is unique, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the playability and sound. Every aspect is fine tuned and I do appreciate the attention to detail. I’m a very satisfied customer. Thanks.

Russ Reiser

Vic Ferrari

Model: Quartermaster-ST
Color: Surf Green

These instruments are a brilliant mix of an original design paired with amazing playability. Each guitar is one of a kind and I am extremely glad that I own one!

Michael Pantzlaff

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