The beginning of something special

The beginning of something special

Originally posted on 4.20.22

Jasper Guitar Company was recently introduced to another boutique instrument builder, Outlaw Drums of Sylvester, GA. Michael Outlaw creates some of the most unique, gorgeous, and best sounding drums we have ever come across. His creations are handmade from old, reclaimed woods and/or recycled materials.

So what happens when two boutique instrument builders cross paths? They collaborate! But you ask, “How does a guitar builder collaborate with a drum builder?” Well, the short answer is we share the common thread of being artisans and musicians. So with that, we are announcing our first limited edition guitar and snare drum pairing! Both instruments will be made of the same reclaimed wood and, given the craftsmanship both Tony and Michael are each known and respected for, you can bet that these will be some special instruments.

Keep watching our websites, social media, and YouTube channels for updates. Visit Outlaw Drums at